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Проект дома The STAFFORD

Humanity's earnest call is for kindness and good cheer. Those best fitted to do their bit toward human betterment are those who practice in their homes the principles which they endeavor to demonstrate abroad.

Living up to one's moral standards is not a great risk if the surroundings are satisfying and the arrangement of the home is as ideal as The Stafford.

проект дома The STAFFORD план дома

Проект дома The STANFORD

Man's strength can easily be gauged by his faith in the strength of woman. Woman's intuition has always equalled, and in many instances surpassed, man's reason. Strong men know this vital principle of life and strive daily to keep harmonious the home in which dwells the heart and source of their strength. This is an easy task in beautiful new homes like The Stanford.

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Проект дома The KENNILWORTH

Every movement for human betterment first finds expression in the home. There is something in the inner beings of optimistic men and women which prompts them to lend a hand to the helpless and give a word of cheer to the cheerless. Those who make The Kennilworth their home will be prompted daily to radiate the sunshine its comforts will bring. All plans are so prepared as to permit frame, stucco, brick or tile construction.

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Проект дома The HAMILTON

Nothing so stimulates and elevates a man as for his life companion to be¬lieve in him, and in no other way can a man show his appreciation of such confidence and trust as in the earnest endeavor to build her a home of her own. Any woman who has tact, forethought, and patience with her husband need not despair of owning eventually just such a home as The Hamilton.

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Проект дома The EMERSON

The life that would be complete, that would be sweet and sane as well as strong must be softened and enriched by the love of all things beautiful. In no other way has man proven his onward and upward march as in the creation of beautiful homes like The Emerson. Such homes are civilization's guide posts on the path of progress.

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