The Art of Architectural Drawing

Architectural digest

Assimilation. (1993) Artist/Designer: Gilbert Gorski AIA. Etching, 20.5cm 12.8cm


Forest. (1992) Artist/Designer: Gilbert Gorski AIA. Etching, 10.2cm 25.6cm


Allometry. (1993) Artist/Designer: Gilbert Gorski AIA. Etching, 17.3cm 27cm Gorski's sensibilities as both artist and architect consistently inform his work. These direct and remarkably expressive images are decidedly "architectural" in approach but, in addition, speak of a society's essentially chaotic search for order and "structure."

International Airport Competition

J F.K. International Airport Competition, New York, Interior Concourse View. (1992) T.W. Schaller. Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox. Watercolor and pencil, 42.9cm 66.3cm A commanding and primary interior vertical surface dictated the organizational structure of this graphic representation as well.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania. (1992) T.W. Schaller. Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox. Watercolor, 42.9cm 66.3cm A schematic stage aerial view of this developing design was completed to address generalities about context and volumetric concerns, and to avoid unnecessary and premature specifics.

International Terminal

International Terminal, O'Hare International Airport Artist/Designer: Ralph Johnson FAIA. Architects: Perkins & Will. Ink, 61.5cm 92.3cm


International Terminal, O'Hare International Airport. Artist/Designer; Ralph Johnson FAIA. Architects: Perkins & Will. Ink, 61.5cm 92.3cm Like Wright's unusually modernist images of the Larkin Building, for example, Johnson's characteristic graphics in stark, high contrast black ink line and tone emphasize the volumes created by offset and overhanging planar forms.

Third Government Center Competition Korea

Third Government Center Competition Korea. (1994) Rael Slutsky AIA. Architects: Kunwon International, Seoul. Pen and ink and color pencil, 76.9cm 102.5cm A dramatic and highly textured work, this piece was in fact largely created by a deceptively economical use of free-hand ink line; a technique which, in this case, silhouettes the subject area by means of light control. Notice the areas of the drawing that are not drawn are as important to the overall work as those that are.


Part Dieu Competition, Lyon, France.(1992) T.W. Schaller. Architects: Arquitectonica. Watercolor and pencil, 70.2cm 93.6cm Similar but subtly differing towers are graphically treated in a near-elevational manner to heighten formal drama and allow the scheme to speak as lucidly as possible.

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