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Проект дома The PELHAM

All mothers should be free from those things which disturb and distress. They should at all times feel a sense of restfulness, serenity, peace and poise. Conditions for such a state of mind cannot be found in crowded districts, but rather in ideal private homes, where only those influences are permitted which tend to satisfy the maternal senses.

проект дома The PELHAM


Проект дома The WESTCLIFFE

It is never the size nor monetary value of a home that grips and holds the heart of a child as the years lead him into manhood. Instead it is the sympathy, companionship and love demonstrated by contented parents who have early learned that life is fuller and more abundant in a convenient home of their own.

проект дома The WESTCLIFFE


Проект дома The MONTICELLO

If those who occupy homes like The Monticello are not happy it is because they have violated some natural law, or are not conscious of the fact that happiness is a condition of the mind and comes as the result of the mastery of one's moods. It is not a thing to be purchased at a price, but rather a fact to be recognized or accepted, regardless.

проект дома The MONTICELLO


Проект дома The BRENTWOOD

The Brentwood is a masterpiece in architecture. Its stately individuality causes it to stand alone in any community as a home of rare grace and permanent beauty; and yet so carefully have its designers considered economy in construction, that it is well within the means of those contemplating the erection of a home of its dimensions.

проект дома The BRENTWOOD


Проект дома The HAVERHILL

The hearth that glows with good fellowship warms chilly hearts and drives out the dampness of discord and disappointments. Such hearths are guarded constantly by women who worship sacred home ideals. The Haverhill will make an ideal home for those who yearn for better conditions in which to demonstrate the power of right thought.

проект дома The HAVERHILL

Page 02


стоимость проекта дома


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